Looking beyond simple compliance, Agix Group has the ultimate trading solution for you.

Make the most of every trade with Agix Group. Our superior trading platforms offer the most user-friendly front-end trading interface to make trading convenient for you.

Expert Investment Advisors and Powerful Trading Tools.

Whether you are new to The Capital Markets or an experienced trader, Agix Group has an ultimate trading solution for you. You can trade with either our simple and easy-to-use yet comprehensive web-based trade platform or invest with ease, however you can access with more advanced charts and trading tools through the renowned trading Speed. Whether you are looking for self-assisted or broker-assisted trading, you get access to our expert investment advisors and powerful trading tools.

Basic for You to Plan Your Investments.

Agix Group provides you information on your fingertips. This facility is exclusively available only for our clients and provides active traders. We offer secure and flexible online trading as well as some other trading facilities, so that you never miss out on a great deal. Investment education and tools that will make it basic for you to plan your investments.

Benefit of Diversification

We provide you complete research support to help you make smart investment decisions. When it comes to investments we don’t want you to leave anything to chance. We have the tools, resources, and personalized support to help you make the right investment decisions. Get the benefit of diversification with our full range of investment options, free research and innovative tools.

Full Range of Investment Options

Evolving marketing practices and global regulations, have led to heightened focus around building a basic foundation to ensure regulatory compliance. Looking beyond simple compliance, forward-looking buy-side and sell-side firms are exploring future-proof frameworks as a potential competitive differentiator. Our Trading Analytics arm facilitates the measurement of best execution by providing multi-asset regulatory compliance and custom analytics.

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